Three key benefits of customer service training!

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Training-SmallThese days, more and more customers require a great deal of attention, consideration and trust. Losing out on a few customers could have dramatic consequences for your business.

As a business owner and a leader, you simply cannot afford to let your customers “vote with their feet”. But remember, the point is not to stop them from going somewhere else, but instead to earn their loyalty and bring more customers into your business.

Many managers settle for average customer service and rely on minimum standards that simply do not resonate with customers today.

While a variety of factors go into creating a successful business, customer service is a crucial one in any industry. Every interaction the company has with a customer (or potential customer) can affect the business’ financial performance. Often, great service is what separates the best companies from the rest. This is why it is imperative that leaders and managers invest in a quality customer service training and coaching program.

Conducting customer service training for your teams doesn’t just add-value for the customer; it can help drive more sales and help create consistency with your service. In today’s post I will share three benefits that customer service training programs and coaching yield for your business, employees and customers.

“The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” – Harvey S. Firestone

Providing training on customer service allows your employees to clearly understand their roles in working with the customers on a daily basis. A company that invests in training shows their employees that they matter and care about continual development and growth.

Daily Huddles

Holding short daily meetings with every team can help people re-focus and energize for service. You can use these valuable few minutes to discuss couple of aspects of customer service that you want to focus on or prioritize. Listen to what employees have to say. They may have encountered issues recently and need your coaching to handle the situation in the future. You can also use the huddles to share customers’ feedback on what’s working and what we can learn from.

Sharpen their customer service skills

Customer service is a skill that can be learned, but just like any other skill, we need to constantly sharpen our saw and learn new things. Through customer service training, employees can improve their skills and/or acquire new ones. Specific customer service training programs such as customer communication, listening, problem-solving and organizational skills can make a difference in a customer’s experience.

Learning new skills and polishing current ones can increase motivation and engagement to improve the customer experience. If your employees feel like they are growing and developing, it creates a sense of ownership to empower them to deliver better service with new tools in their arsenal.

Daily Coaching

Let’s not forget that people have good intentions about training, but the real work is in the daily on-going coaching and accountability to excel.  As a leader and manager, we need to continuously reinforce the service standards we preach and walk the talk.  Your team needs support, mentoring and encouragement to strive for excellence in everything they do. You can’t do it with remote control from your office. It’s like having a coach on the sidelines who can give the necessary guidance without micromanaging, but creating a sense of unity and team play to win the customer loyalty game.

Through consistent, effective training, customer service representatives can increase their ability to resolve issues and earn the customer’s trust. Often times, trained employees are able to address the customer’s concern at the first point of contact, rather than escalation to the manager.

Does your company invest in a customer service training program? What benefits has it created for your business? I would love to learn more about your ideas of how training and coaching can help others win the customer service game.  Drop me an email at and I would love to connect with you more.



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