Five Customer Service Attitudes You need to master!

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attitudeCustomer Service representatives are the face of your brand. Their interaction with customers leads to a lasting impression in the mind of the customer. This impression can either be an asset or a liability for any company. One thing all people who give memorable customer service have a genuine customer-friendly attitude!

A customer oriented culture is a culture where all employees, from the CEO to front-line employees that have the right attitude to serve the customer in every interaction.

Offering excellent customer service with efficiency and a smile can make a big difference. You want your customers to walk away with nothing but positive emotions! If they have a positive impression about your employees, they will rave about your business.

Providing service with a smile and support will add value to your product and service. It’s important to choose wisely when hiring front-line employees and be sure to provide them with the right resources to be successful. Remember, their job satisfaction goes hand in hand with your leadership.

In my experience as a customer service mentor and consultant, companies are able to differentiate themselves when their employees have a “Can Do” attitude to take care of the customer. People will remember you when they receive great service that goes above and beyond; and it’s usually determined by the attitude of the employees in your business. As the saying goes, “Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.”

So what does a customer service “Can Do” looks like? Let’s take a closer look:

Projecting Confidence

I am not talking about being “cocky”. I am talking about giving the impression that you are able and willing to help a customer. Nobody likes to deal with someone who does not have the confidence to deliver good customer service. That confidence comes from “knowing your stuff” and believing you will be able to tackle challenges that come your way. Does that mean you will have all the answers? No, but at least you will have the confidence to find out how to help someone.

Positive Body Language

Many people underestimate the power of body language when it comes to interacting face to face with the customer. Communication experts tell us that 70% of our communication is impacted by non-verbal communication with people. Service with a smile goes beyond the smile. It’s also projecting a positive body language toward the customer. It means open, welcoming, flexible and approachable way to give the customer a feeling of warm and caring attitude.

Be Polite and Courteous

Whatever happened to being polite and courteous? You know all the things our grandparents taught us to say, “Thank you and Your Welcome” or “May I assist you with that? Or wait wait here come the big one!!! “PLEASE”?? These are obvious forgotten gestures that we are missing in customer service today.


As technology advances, we take it for granted that customers don’t need help. Quite the opposite. Customers will always have questions and dislike automated services to resolve their challenges. We are all familiar with calling 1-800-NO HELP and finally by the time we get to a “live agent”, we are so frustrated and just want to talk to a human who lives on planet earth.


Empathy is the art of seeing a situation through a customer’s eyes. Empathy is what separates the best from the rest in customer service. However, empathy doesn’t come naturally to most people.  They don’t teach it in college either. The good news is that empathy is a skill that can be learned through building relationships with people. You need to practice two thing-patience and listening.  To have empathy for another individual, we need to turn off our own chatter and connect with people by trying to understand their feeling and needs.

Empathy is a great way to build rapport and trust with your customers. Why? Because you are giving them the opportunity to be vulnerable and honest with you. Excellent Customer service has several elements, but if you don’t have the right attitude, it can go downhill from there- no matter how successful your business is.  Many people ask, “How do I get people with great attitude?” It begins with a selective hiring process and company values.

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