Five ways to create extraordinary service!

By September 7, 2015Uncategorized

customer-service-graphic-for-customer-service-blogOver the past weekend, our hotel was buzzing with a lot of guests staying for the Labor Day Holiday weekend. We had sports teams, family reunion, a wedding and other weekend guests. This was a great opportunity to cater our customer service to slightly different crowd from our normal business customers.

Leisure customers typically want more attention and want to be extra delighted with exceptional customer service. Our team was challenged to put on the charm and acts of kindness.

By the end of the weekend, I received several compliments about my team and the service they provided. In fact several of our guest specially asked to see me about their experience. Comments like this one: “I really enjoyed my stay. From breakfast staff to lounge staff to check in staff and garage staff. I would stay again in a heartbeat!!! Bravo!!!!!”

Another one was, “We really enjoyed our stay.  I really appreciated Emily sending our friends, Stephanie and Scott Surface, who got married Saturday a bottle of champagne and strawberries.  Very nice touch for their wedding night at your property.  Very comfortable beds too!”

Our team delivered extraordinary service. It wasn’t average! Average service does not make an impact. If your business only settles for average service, then it’s time to look for a new company. Your competition will eat you alive. Why? Because people want extraordinary service. They want added value to their experience. If you are just aiming for average, you never provided value.

So, let’s look at some of the ways you can personally provide in order to create extraordinary service for your customers:

Maintain a spirit of helpfulness. – In order to deliver the extraordinary, you must be an extraordinary person. Helping people is the job; it requires some empathy, some tolerance, and some action. Your customers need to feel that you want to help them. They are not a burden or disruption of your business.

Treat everyone as a “VIP” customer. – Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and acknowledged as a valued customer. It doesn’t matter if they bring you the most profit or not. Your customers will always remember how they’ve been treated by your employees. That’s why you want to master the art of the welcome. Have you ever walked into a hotel or a restaurant and someone knew you by name and provided a warm greeting?

Practice active listening. – Listening skills can be learned, but you have to work at it. It’s not something you either do, or don’t do. It can be exercised, practiced, and perfected. Listening entirely to what your customer is saying, as opposed to interrupting, assuming or filling in blanks for them is the most effective way of helping them.  Remember it’s not about you. Learn about their world and how that world can become better for them.

Go the Extra Mile-Remember the word average? Well if we want to really WOW our customers, we need to do more and become more. An extraordinary service person is constantly asking, “How can I add value to this guest?” “What can I do to show them we care and appreciate their business?”

Follow up-Often times we take our customers for granted. But we want extraordinary right? How about sending a Thank You Card or follow up with an email, maybe a phone call to simply say you appreciate them and wanted to learn more about their feedback.

Extraordinary customer service is unexpected. That’s why so many companies can’t seem to deliver it. It’s creative, genuine, and intentional. Becoming known for extraordinary customer service means you are giving your customers more of what they expected. Extraordinary customer service is like a marathon, not a sprint. It requires a good heart to know you made someone’s day a very special one.



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