Three Ways Intentional Leaders can Take Their Leadership from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

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Many leaders want to move their leadership from ordinary to extraordinary. But how do you do that? How do you move from all the best intentions in the world to really leading a life of significance? We discussed this question in my leadership mastermind group and thought about sharing with you some of their perspectives in this blog post.

From Liz Stincelli-CEO of Stincelli Advisors

When I think about ways in which intentional leaders can take their leadership from ordinary to extraordinary I come up with three key behaviors. First, intentional leaders must connect on a personal level and put others before themselves. Second, they must give others something meaningful to believe in. And third, they must empower others to act. Until a leader connects on a personal level and places others before themselves, they will never earn the trust that allows them to inspire action in others.

Until they can share something meaningful to believe in, others will not follow willingly. And, until they give others the power to make decisions and have control over their own work, they will not have the loyalty and commitment of their employees. When intentional leaders acknowledge the power of, and then act on, these leadership behaviors, they with go from ordinary to extraordinary.

From Cheri Essner-Director Project Management & Facilitation

When something hits my sweet spot that spot that pumps out my adrenaline, it pushes me further resulting in a sense of fulfillment.  What do you dream or wish for that is within your reach to make possible?  We are all well- intentioned, but what we consistently do is how we are defined.  If you started small, being intentional about the things you do daily, you would be filled with a sense of pride and satisfaction derived from this intentional follow through.

Three ways to go from ordinary to extraordinary:

  1. Small incremental changes within ourselves can end up bringing us immense joy and happiness.
  2. Intentionally determine a path to achieve your dreams.
  3. Write your dreams down and then break them into smaller increments; bite-sized achievable pieces to create a pathway to your significance.

Your attitude is always a choice.  Remember that occasional failure is inevitable and learning from those failures is optional.  Celebrate your accomplishments, living your life with intention to provide a foundation for learning and growth.

“Once you taste significance, success will never satisfy you again.”  John Maxwell, Intentional Living

From Doug Dickerson-Leadership writer and speaker

When I think of how leaders can take their leadership from ordinary to extraordinary I think of the words of the great philosopher Winne the Pooh who said, “You can’t stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.” I believe that is the essence of where extraordinary leadership begins. So here are my three ways I believe leaders can take their leadership from ordinary to extraordinary.

First, be proactive. Take your God-given talents, gifts, and skills and find a way to put them to good use, i.e. a local charity, soup kitchen, or find a young person to mentor. Second, believe that what you do makes a difference. It’s not about having a big stage, it’s simply about having a big heart. And last, realize that you are never more than one kind act away from extra-ordinary when you believe that it can make a difference. The world may not see it but the world will be a better place because of it.

From Kelli Smithgall-Social Media Marketing Manager

There’s an extraordinary leader in each of us and it takes being purposeful to grow from ordinary to extraordinary.  In your organization and in everyday life, be mindful of every one of your actions as they all have consequences — it’s essential you’re intentional about them.  Every thought, word, and action leaves a defining indelible legacy.  Secondly, social leadership is a way you can elevate yourself as a leader, and your social media channels can be a great catalyst in creating an extraordinary leadership legacy building strategy. You have the ability to not only share your vision, goals, and philosophies, but you can get into the shoes of others and really listen on a global scale.  Be intentional about not only who you communicate with in this eco-system, but how those conversations evolve.

Lastly, being an extraordinary leader is a choice.  Every single moment brings you the beautiful gift of being able to choose to be empathetic, to show that you care, to rise above challenges and hardships, and to inspire others.

Tal Shnall-Customer Service consultant and Leadership Advisor

Without action, there is no will, only an illusion. The biggest leadership gap in the world that exists today is knowing and doing. Many leaders are very intentional, but is it enough to lead and drive results? Willing something into being, is doing the day to day actions and behaviors required to bring your organization to step it up a notch. There are several ways every leader can move from ordinary to extraordinary. Often times, we know ourselves by our intentions, but the people around us know us by our actions. People don’t know what you know, but they do know what you do every day.  Here are three ways you can apply in your everyday leadership:

When you wake up in the morning, think about how you want to help someone today? What would that look like if you were very intentional about adding value to someone in some way?

Take action to fulfill those intentions. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect or grandiose. All that matters is whether you care enough for someone to make their day. Did you listen deeply? Did you help the person? Did you learn about the person and about yourself?

At the end of the day before you go to bed, think about the value you added and what you can learn from it. How did you show up as a leader in those moments?

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