Three ways to develop your personal brand!

By February 21, 2016Uncategorized

Brands and branding has been around for a long time. But the evolution of personal branding has never been greater. Without one you will be passed on when opportunities arise, your business will be at a disadvantage and your talents will go to waste. Here is the good news- You can build your personal brand while doing what you love and it won’t cost you millions.

You may ponder about this and ask “Well. what is a personal brand after all? Do I need to sell something?” A personal brand is everything we do. It’s how we represent ourselves to the world. Now, are we selling something? Of course we do-We sell ourselves. People are attracted to people they admire and trust. When it comes to your own brand, it’s about your influence and each one of us has the ability to influence. Some have more influence than others. Why? Because they developed a personal brand that resonates with others.

The power of personal branding goes beyond its name. Just like any business name. When you start to think about your favorite brands, you associate feelings, emotions, trust, and credibility.  Today, we will look at three ways of developing your personal brand in this blog post. Personal branding takes time and lots of daily efforts. You have to become very intentional about your dream and continue to grow it, expand it and reach an audience that can connect with your message.

Identify who you are

The first thing you have to be clear on is your identity as a brand. What do you stand for? What are your core values? What are you all about? Can you tell me what are you passionate about in two minutes? I am sure it will take more than that, but think about the biggest brands like Apple, Nike, Microsoft, Marriott and others. If you were a 30 second commercial, what would it represent about you?

Your identity is not an overnight project. It takes years to really figure out what you are most passionate about, what’s unique and important to you and how to represent your gifts to the rest of the world. A great question to ask here is what legacy do I want to leave? What would be on your tombstone?

 Develop your talents and gifts

As a personal brand, you have to also identify what you are good at-your talents and gifts. How can these qualities of yours can add value and contribution to a better society? But talent alone cannot deliver. You must make a commitment to personal growth. Jim Rohn, the father of personal development said it best, “Success is something you attract and accumulate by the person you become.” You must put in the time to grow and develop your gifts.  You cannot give what you don’t have.

Our gifts require daily intentional cultivation and development.  “Everything of value requires care, attention, and discipline.” (Jim Rohn). Our talents require discipline. We must consistently show up to grow our strengths every day.

Develop and build relationships

There is a saying that your network is your net worth. This statement could not be true today than any other time. The age of many people building their own businesses or venture out to be an entrepreneur, connecting people to a big idea. Being the CEO of YOU Inc. means you are the chief connector with people. You have to establish authentic connections with people every day. The biggest mistake in this area though is that people sometimes focus on selling. Remember people don’t want to be sold. Relationships take time, patience and lots of efforts on your part. You have to be like a farmer. You plant seeds and then you water and cultivate the relationships that will yield fruits in years to come.

Building a magnetic personal brand is achievable, attainable and rewarding. Today is the day to start!  There really is no perfect time to start, so stop waiting and start working on creating something bigger than yourself. It can be a lot fun.  You will make mistakes along the way. But ultimately, you will learn a lot, make new connections and make some money along the way.

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