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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Steve Broe and discussed insights on his upcoming book Leaders Quest for Success. We also talked about some topics from his previous book Leaders in Transition.

Steve Broe, DM Dr. Broe is an executive coach who focuses on personal performance and transformational leadership for mid-career leaders in business and education. He grounds his work on the personal values of freedom, integrity, and creative expression. Well-known as a speaker and a mentor to leaders in Arizona, Steve gives his time frequently to nonprofit organizations.

Steve has over 25 years of management experience in education, real estate, and private asset management. He served as the senior level manager for a multi-state organization with over 120 employees. He opened a charter school organization, won numerous awards for public speaking, and instructed for the University of Phoenix Undergraduate Business and Management program since 2001. He has three times received a Toastmasters International Leadership Excellence award. Steve earned his doctorate in leadership from the University of Phoenix in 2008 with his study of the leadership experiences of military veterans in Arizona schools. Steve is a father, amateur musician, and ardent calligrapher. He has been married to Carolyn since 1980.

Here is the video of our conversation:


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