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The attitude of an inspiring leader affects the team’s culture and development. The ability to add value by serving others will make you a better leader and a better person.

You can only grow your team by the small acts of kindness you add to them every day. If you are a better leader, your team will achieve more, be more loyal and have fun going the extra mile.

Leadership is very similar to gardening. If you nurture and cultivate what you plant, you will see how people can blossom and shine. Leadership is about the garden of people. The best leaders wear their hearts on their sleeves and show their true self. They genuinely care about other people and spend time developing them.

In order to add more value to others, you must add value to yourself by being intentional with your development and growth potential. You cannot give what you don’t have. You cannot add if you stay still.

The question you should ask as a leader is, “What can I do today to add value to my personal growth plan so that I can serve others and add value to them?”

If you truly value people, you will think of positive ways to bring the best in people. Instead of blaming and criticizing, you will need to find ways to help people grow. People are hungry for inspiration and elevation. As a leader, you must connect, uplift and enrich the lives of others to shine.

Leaders who add value, build better relations with people. You have to be genuine and listen to your people’s stories, their hopes and dreams. Learn what is valuable to them and then lead based on what you’ve heard. Take the time to connect on a personal level to understand people’s drives and motivations.

Here are some questions you can lead with today to add more value to the people you lead:

What matters to them?

What energizes them?

What helps them grow?

How can we serve them better?

A call to action today:

Start today and look for opportunities to help people dream bigger dreams. Make it a practice to perform small acts of service for others without seeking any recognition.

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