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A passionate life includes a clear understanding of your purpose. When you live with passion and purpose your life becomes fun and meaningful. What is a purpose exactly? Some people like to refer to it as a “calling.”

You can look at it as the vision you have of your best self-living your best life yet. Purpose gives you the fuel to pursue your goals. Your passions are the clues to a meaningful life that leads you to your purpose.

Purpose is bigger than you are and is the umbrella which you plan and live your life. I believe that we are all put on this earth for a purpose.  Each person has been designed to be the perfect combination of life experience, curiosity, love, and compassion to fulfill a higher purpose. I call it a Higher Purpose but you should call it whatever works best for you.

The search for purpose

Purpose helps you discover who you are and the energy you need to elevate your relationships, careers and your dreams. It helps to create meanings in every avenue of life.  Feeling productive and clear about what you want to do and where you headed gives you a remarkable positive energy to make a difference.

There is a tendency to feel reflective during and after crisis-to ask, “Meaning of life questions.” Once these questions have been asked, they are out there and cannot be uncovered. So you begin to explore, to go deep inside. Sometimes crisis act as a powerful catalyst, prompting you to let go of your daily fears and look at the big picture.

It’s not necessary to wait until life confronts you with a disaster for you to seek your purpose. A sense of purpose is already within you and waiting for you to fire it up. To find your deeper purpose and calling, you have to be fully present and mindful of your life’s direction.

Purpose and service

Purpose allows you to grow and be of service to others. It helps you feel proud of your life and yourself through becoming whole and giving back to the world that continuously gives to you. Service is important part of finding your higher purpose. If your purpose is only about yourself, it is without the deeper connection to others and is therefore limited.

Imagine the feeling you get when you are contributing to something beyond yourself whether you are at work or your family. Knowing you giving something to the world-being productive and valuable to others makes you feel you contributed to something bigger than yourself. Your sense of value grows when you are of service to others.

It’s important to take the time out on a regular basis for creative pause. The pause doesn’t have to be a vacation. It can be a walk around the lake, meditation or reflection. Anything that helps you connect to your deeper self and begins to find the answers within you. When you take time to reflect, you consider where your vision, values and purpose are aligned with your life callings.

Statement of purpose

Ever thought about creating a statement of purpose? Your statement of purpose can articulate your vision for your higher self and what you can contribute to your life and the life of others. It can be short as couple of sentences or as long as a good paragraph.

It should inspire you and help you work toward achieving what you stand for. Most importantly, it should communicate that this is the best you. A statement of purpose helps you take responsibility for your life based on important values. In other words, if you have to read it every week, it should elevate you to take meaningful action toward a better self. Think of a purpose as the theme to your life.

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