Certificate in Customer Experience Leadership

In most customer service industries, most companies are technically competent – what differentiates and makes the difference as to why customers choose a service provider often comes down to customer experience leadership.

The Certificate in Customer Experience Leadership will put you on the cutting edge of knowledge and practice in services leadership. By completing the certificate program, you will have learned what you need to know to compete effectively in any service industry.

The course is designed to teach a specific skill-set and best-practices that will lead to success for your development. You will identify critical points to make the greatest impact on delivering what your customers really want and how to be a customer service champion.

Section 1-Developing A Service Culture, Everyone Serves

Define and sustain a total service culture

Key learning objectives:

  1. The role of a leader in the customer service business.
  2. The importance of culture. How great companies create a culture of excellence?
  3. Service attitudes, Values and Accountability.
  4. Communicating the culture to everyone in your organization. Serving with purpose and passion your internal customer.

Section-2-Serving with a Smile: Inspiring Exceptional Service

Motivate and empower service employees

Key learning objectives:

  1. How to motivate and inspire people in the hospitality industry?
  2. The Rewards people want.
  3. Rewarding employees for performance
  4. Linking performance and rewards
  5. Setting expectations and defining the role of a customer service Ambassador
  6. Setting Customer Service Goals with your team.

Section 3-Training and Developing people to serve the customer

Training is the key to consistently differentiate you from your competition.

Key learning objectives

  1. The importance of training in your organization.
  2. Developing a customer service training program.
  3. Training methods to effectively get employees engaged.
  4. Employee coaching and mentoring.

Section 4-Managing and measuring Customer Service

Pursue excellence in everything you do

Key Learning objectives

  1. Techniques and methods to measure your service
  2. Measuring service quality and delivery.
  3. Assessing the customer feedback after their experience
  4. Communicating with the customer about their feedback.
  5. Meeting customer expectations through proper planning.

Section 5-Fixing Service Failures

Responding to guest concerns and challenges

Key learning objectives

  1. The importance of fixing service failures.
  2. How to deal with difficult customer situations.
  3. Recovering from service failures the right way.

 Section 6-Leading the way to WOW Experiences

How can my team excel to lead the customer service experience?

Key learning objectives

  1. What does the guest/customer wants from our relationship?
  2. Strategy for long term success.
  3. Staffing for service.
  4. A compelling vision that engages the hearts and minds of your internal customers.

 Section 7-Setting the “Show” for customer experiences

It’s Showtime!!

Key learning objectives

  1. Creating the “show” Why the service environment is important?
  2. How service environment affects the customer experience?
  3. Examples of companies that mastered the art of the show.

What is the cost of completing the certificate?

If you are working on the certificate, the course cost is $350.

How long will it take me to complete the certificate?

The course is instructor-led and take between 6-8 hours each to complete. The amount of time it takes you to complete the certificate is determined by what works for you, your schedule, and goals. Please contact tal.shnall@leadershiphospitality.com.